We offer authentic super 8 film as an add on to any package or a stand alone service.

there's just something magical about film.

Our super 8 films are shot using a vintage Canon super 8 film camera from the 70's. There's nothing quite like that nostalgic retro feeling you get watching your memories played back on super 8. We love our high end digital cameras and all the possibilities and limitless recording they provide. But something about capturing memories on film just feels more real. In our world of endless content and filters and perfect social media posts, film is a way to rebel. You capture a moment, wait weeks for the film to be processed, then get to watch that moment played back just as it happened with all of the perfect imperfections.

the possibilities of what we can create are limitless, but here are some ideas...

Super 8 Add on

If you love super 8 but also want your entire day captured on digital then this option is for you. All the benefits of having nonstop digital coverage of your wedding day, but with a little spice of nostalgia to keep your film interesting. Since we'll already be there shooting digital anyway, we don't charge hourly for add on super 8. We just charge $500/reel to cover film cost, processing and post production.

starting at $500

Super 8/Digital Hybrid

This is our favorite option! We Capture everything using super 8, but add digital coverage to key moments where we need to capture long takes of dialog. (i.e. Vows, letters, ceremony, speeches.) This allows us to capture those moments in their entirety with no worries of burning through all of your super 8 film. Pricing for this varies widely based on hours of coverage, number of reels, and amount of digital coverage.

starting at $1,000

Exclusively Super 8

This is for those that feel they were born in the wrong decade. A true rebellion from the digital age. Capture your entire wedding film on only super 8. The film will be set to music that fits your vibe, but no dialog. Just raw silent memories to relive again and again in their true timeless fashion. Pricing for this varies widely based on hours of coverage and number of reels.

contact us for a quote!

starting at $600

Below you will find an example of each package type mentioned above.

But remember, every film is unique and your film ultimately will reflect YOU and YOUR day.

Super 8 add on

Perfect example of adding super 8 to a digital film just to spice it up a little!

Super 8/digital hybrid

A beautiful combination of both digital and film cinematography to create a truly unique piece of art.

Exclusively Super 8

A full on flash to the past. Just pure simple memories captured on film.